Write a blog introduction

1. Start by introducing a pain point, countering expectations, or sharing a compelling story.

Pain motivates readers to read on to the solution; Unexpected or counterintuitive ideas generate surprise; Short narratives engage readers.

2. Write down three or four bullet points to set expectations and empower readers to skip ahead.

Make it clear exactly what you’ll cover and promise a concrete solution, to hook readers in.

3. Keep the momentum going into the first section.

Avoid “But first…” endings to your intro, which make the next section appear to be in the way of the core information. Instead, focus on the benefits of the next section – don’t tell readers that it’s a sidebar.

4. Reduce your introduction until it’s no more than 5–7% of the article length.

To decrease its length: Cut the laundry list of industry statistics. Shorten your narrative, especially if it’s a personal story. Reduce two examples to one. Pique interest and outlined your solution – you’re done.