Work with influencers with a personal brand

1. Determine three core values that exemplify your brand strengths.

For example, creativity, individuality, or innovation.

2. Use tools like CreatorIQ or Grin to identify influencers in your niche who also share these strengths. Add their information to a list or spreadsheet.

Include their social media platform, follower count, and contact information. Choose a mixture of micro-influencers, those with small follower counts but high engagement, and macro-influencers, those with thousands of followers but lower engagement. The influencer’s audience should mirror your target customer base.

3. Define clear goals for why you want to work with these influencers.

For example, are you trying to solidify your credibility in a certain space? Attempting to grow your reach and build a new audience?

4. Email or direct message the influencers on your list with a personalized message that includes your specific personal branding goals.

Include an introduction to your brand and clear goals, such as grow my online presence or find my audience.

5. Determine your key brand content deliverables such as social media content, website content, or podcast mentions.

6. Use tools like Hootsuite to schedule your influencer collaborations for each content deliverable.

Creating a plan and schedule helps set expectations and clarify deadlines.

7. Use tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to identify hashtags your influencers should share to encourage cross-promotion.

Alternatively, you can manually analyze hashtag metrics in your niche on your chosen platform. Look for those that align best with your product or service offering for maximum ROI.