Visualize user research using empathy maps

1. Define the objectives and scope.

2. Conduct or gather qualitative UX research.

3. Create the template, with quadrants labelled Says, Thinks, Does, Feels, and any additional sections specific to your goals.

4. Write down significant direct or inferred user quotes in the Says section.

5. Describe in the Thinks section what the user may think as they use your website.

6. Describe user behaviors and actions in the Does section.

7. Describe emotions in the Feels section based on body language, word choice, tone, and more.

8. Define and write out user insights based on contradictions, patterns, and the experience of making the empathy map.

9. Turn the map and insights into a shareable deliverable for the UX team and other teams.

10. Adjust and update the empathy map as your research grows.