Use video marketing to generate leads

1. Interview your sales team, your customer support team, and your internal staff and ask them about questions they receive all the time from prospects or new leads.

2. Review your customer journey and buyer personas, and define the top needs, desires and pain points for those who begin to search for your products.

3. Review your web analytics, such as Path Exploration in Google Analytics 4, for metrics that show which search terms and types of content new leads are seeking and consuming when they first visit your site.

4. Create new videos, or catalog previously created videos, that address the common questions, needs, pain points or user behavior you identified.

Top choices include explainer videos, Q&A videos, video case studies, and video product tours.

5. Gate your video by adding turnstiles or opt-in forms to the beginning or middle of the video, requiring the viewer to enter their name and email address to continue watching.

6. Add highly specific calls to action, such as YouTube annotations or cards, throughout the video. Point to specific landing pages, articles on your site, or your sales team's contact page.

7. Add videos to related static content on your website and to any relevant landing pages.

8. Promote the video through a YouTube video ad campaign, targeting your key personas and related hashtags, video content, and channels where your ideal leads live on the platform.