Use video marketing to close more sales

1. Interview your sales team, your customer support team, and your internal staff and ask them about questions they frequently receive from prospects in the final stages of the customer journey.

2. Review your customer journey and buyer personas. Define the top questions, concerns, pain points, and information a prospect needs when evaluating or considering your product, or in the decision justification step before checking out.

3. Create video case studies using customer interviews, voiceovers of pre-existing sales data or statistics, before-and-after success stories, or animated whiteboard sketches if the casual style is appropriate for your brand.

4. Use tools like SpyFu, WooRank, BuiltWith and SEMRush to do a competitive analysis of competing products or services, then create [competitor] alternative videos or [competitor] versus [your brand] videos.

5. Create use case videos or product feature videos that clearly show the benefits that your ideal customer needs.

6. Build webinars or video courses that educate your audience, teach the lead how to become your ideal customer, and showcases your product.

7. Include a CTA in all videos that goes straight to your product page or, if your time and budget allows, a video post-click page that eliminates all distractions and gives them one specific, clear way to start a trial or make a purchase.

8. Run a retargeting campaign that shares a specific, targeted video to prospects that started a trial but did not buy, started but did not finish the checkout process, or took other actions that indicated high purchase intent.

9. Run video ad campaigns on platforms such as YouTube, using comparison or product feature videos and targeting the content of your main competing brands or competing products.

10. Create a list of all available videos and instruct your sales and customer service teams to share videos with prospects when video-specific questions or conversations come up.