Use Typeform for audience research

1. Select a research topic or research objective. Think about what you’d like to learn about your audience.

You may be interested in: Thoughts on a specific product. Digital events your audience would like to attend. User experiences with your website.

2. Select a target audience in your CRM based on either prospect populations or customer populations.

Example audiences include: Current customers. Engaged prospects. New leads. Churned customers. Dormant accounts. All site visitors. Audiences to a specific page, funnel, or product. You will also need to verify that your audience fits the survey topic or main objective. Ask yourself: What qualifies the audience for this survey? When did the audience last encounter your topic? How does their experience differ from other audiences?

3. Select a WCAG 2.1 (AA) compliant theme.

These Typeform themes are accessible to people with disabilities.

4. Create a list of audience research questions that are 300 characters or less. Use open-ended questions for qualitative surveys and multiple-choice questions for quantitative surveys.

For this exercise, think about the objective of the survey. If your survey is qualitative, it is better to ask open ended questions. For example: How are you using ?  What problem does it solve for you? What questions did you have that you couldn’t find answers to? If you are looking for quantitative information, multiple-choice questions will likely be most effective. For example: How many times have you tried to do [task]? How much do you spend on [Deprecated] Playbooks – Personal Plan From: $29.00 USD / mo with a 7-day free trial Select options ?

5. Go to Workspace > Add > Welcome Screen and create a Typeform welcome screen for survey respondents.

From this page, add text, images, or video to make the survey more official.

6. Edit your Start Button with a call to action that is less than five words and relevant to your brand and the type of research you are conducting.

7. Design your Typeform using the topic or main objective you have identified, and the list of audience research questions you have created.

Keep your Typeform survey as short as possible. Most surveys are effective with ten questions or less.

8. Add relevant images or animated GIFs to the questions you have included with your Typeform.

For images or animated GIFs, ensure they are less than 800 pixels wide with a maximum file size of 4 MB.

9. Attach your survey to a personalized email or social media message and send your invitations.

If your email service provider allows you to create rich, HTML-based messages, you can embed your first question to make survey engagement more immediate. You can access sharing options via the publish button or the Share panel.

10. Review Typeform responses by clicking on Results > Responses.