Use psychology in your ad creatives

1. Create a sense of urgency or scarcity to move users to a quick decision.

Offer time-limited discounts or sales in ad texts and banner ads, for example, Sale ends on January 31st or Order now to qualify for the next day delivery. Suggest the limited availability of products, for example, Hurry up! Only 12 items left.

2. Use social proof in your ads to influence your user's with other people's opinions about your products.

Implement Google Seller Ratings to display star reviews next to your ads. Mention the number of customers in the ad texts for example, More than 100,000 happy customers or Trusted by more than 10.000 parents and students. Show quotes from reviews of your products published in media, for example, Awarded as the best provider by XYZ.

3. Offer new customer discounts or free trials to lower the barrier of entry to your products or services.

Offer a free trial for software services or subscription programs. Implement a discount for the new customers like 20% off your first order.

4. Use strong CTAs to give the users additional motivation to click the ads.

For Example, Shop now and save, Download the free trial, and Contact us now. In Google Search Ads include the CTA in one of the headlines and at the end of the second description line. In Facebook, Instagram, or Google Display banner ads, use the CTA buttons.

5. Use persuasive language with metaphors, comparisons, and analogies.

Use metaphors or analogies in your ads for example, We will give you wings! and, Get your head out of the sand! Use comparisons, for example, Each praline is like a dessert from a luxury restaurant and, So light that you don’t feel them on your feet. Use strong adjectives such as, Truly unique gift; Modern, impressive design.

6. Use photos of products in a natural environment rather than a stock photography, to help the customers visualize your product in their life.

For example, food products can be photographed in a modern, fancy kitchen. Sports products can be shown in real action during the training. Hire a photographer and explain to him what you expect from the shoot and what your brand stands for.

7. Emphasize novelty to drive purchase behavior.

Use the New tags on the banners advertising your products or services, for example, Check out our new offer! Emphasize novelty in ad headlines on Google Ads.

8. Include guarantees in your ads to gain trust of the users.

Examples: Money-back guarantee. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Lowest price guarantee.