Use psychology in ecommerce product pages

1. Use social proof on your landing pages to influence your users with other people's opinions about your products.

Show quotes from happy customers on your landing page, show star ratings and the number of ratings next to your product, and show quotes from reviews of your products published in media.

2. Use trust symbols to appeal to a user's need for security.

Use security symbols such as SSL Certificates or Certified Privacy. Display awards that your products or services received. Use the 100% satisfaction guarantee badges.

3. Create a sense of urgency or scarcity to move users to a quick decision.

Offer time-limited discounts or sales and implement a countdown: for example, Sale ends in 2 hours or Order in the next 1 hour to qualify for next day delivery. Suggest the limited availability of products: for example, Hurry up! Only 12 items left. For example, shows how few rooms are still available and how many other people are viewing that hotel. This spurs the customer to take action.

4. Offer an option to try the product or service without risk or significant commitment.

Offer free trials for services. Include a Try before you buy option for products. Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or money return policy.

5. Use free gifts or bundle promotions to make users feel rewarded.

Offer supplementary products related to the main product the user is interested in – for example, a free camera case if the user is interested in a camera. Alternatively, offer a camera and case bundle at a lower price or offer a discount coupon for the next order.

6. Use price framing to better demonstrate the value that the customer gets.

Present product or service with price and feature differentials: Software industry: include 3 different versions of a software product, for example, basic, standard, and pro. Agencies or online services: present different service levels with different availability and response times.

7. Make product recommendations to prevent users from choice paralysis.

This applies in particular to websites with a wide range of products. Provide a bestseller section on the homepage, product category, and subcategory pages. Use Our recommendation or Recommended choice labels to highlight specific products.