Use product bundles to increase AOV

1. Bundle products at an order-value threshold.

For example, if free shipping is available on orders over $50, create product bundles that push order totals above that threshold.

2. Bundle more advanced product features with core features to increase perceived value and justify a higher price point.

Even if only a fraction of users use advanced features, the potential uses can support higher prices (e.g., Adobe Photoshop).

3. Offer customizable bundles to maximize user choice and help price-sensitive customers get what they want discounted.

Provide a set of mix-and-match options for price-sensitive clients. A classic example is the mix-and-match features in cell phone plans (i.e. talk, data, texts).

4. Bundle expensive and inexpensive products separately to reduce categorical thinking.

Customers categorize and judge bundles based on the least expensive item, so a low-value “bonus” item may actually lower their willingness to pay.

5. Focus on benefits, not monetary value, to avoid price-based comparisons.

For example, focus on the convenience of bundling rather than on price savings.

6. Bundle items that are usually purchased together and use recommendation engines to better group like items.