Use Instagram Stories in influencer marketing

1. Use polls and the Ask Me a Question sticker to encourage more engagement from followers.

Polls and questions are excellent ways to get more people to interact with your influencers, and they help followers feel more involved with your brand. For example: Ask followers which products they are more likely to use. Ask followers which products they’d prefer to see in an upcoming release. Create quizzes to test consumer knowledge of your products. Asking followers to share unique ways they use your products in their everyday lives. Asking followers to share ways in which your products have made their lives easier. Teasing new product releases and asking followers to guess which item is hitting the shelves next. Instagram users can get tired of seeing too many polls and questions, so tell your influencers to use them no more than once per week.

2. If your influencer has more than 10,000 followers, encourage them to use the Swipe Up feature, so their fans can shop at your online store without leaving Instagram.

This can help boost traffic to your website and increase sales. If you give each of your influencers a unique affiliate link with a tracking code, they can share those links, allowing you to track each influencer’s performance.

3. Ask your influencers to go live for Q&A sessions, or offer to co-host a Q&A session with an influencer.

Q&A sessions are like interviews. When influencers go live, they can answer questions from followers in real-time. They can also mention your brand or products naturally in their responses. You can also host a Q&A session with an influencer on your channel to help drive more viewers to your website.

4. Host Instagram takeovers by inviting influencers to share their own stories for 24 hours.

This gives your followers a fresh perspective of your brand. Influencers can also provide third-party endorsements of your brand and offer your followers a first-hand look at how other people use your products. Instagram story takeovers also have the potential to increase your follower counts, since they carry your influencer’s followers over to your page. For example: Set up a special series, where you feature a different influencer every Friday for a month. Feature a different influencer every day for a week leading up to the release of a new product.

5. Offer behind the scenes looks of what happens during meetings, photoshoots, or event preparations.

Behind the scenes looks allow your influencers to show off your brand’s fun side. They give followers an idea of what your weekly team meetings look like, what goes on during photoshoots, and the details that go into planning an event.

6. Offer sneak peeks of new products to build anticipation and ask influencers to share their experiences on their Instagram Stories.

Offer your influencers the chance to use your latest products before they are available to the public.

7. Invite your influencers to attend events and ask them to share real-time updates.

Instagram stories are great for sharing spontaneous, in-the-moment updates. If you host an event and your influencers are in attendance, they can share videos of speeches, presentations, or awards to make their followers feel like they’re part of the action.

8. Share step-by-step tutorials on how to use your products.

Tutorials work well on Instagram Stories because influencers can show their followers how to use a product without having to create a video. They can simply record themselves using a piece of equipment or enjoying the unique features of your product.

9. Ask influencers to hold limited-time offers or flash sales.

Because Instagram Stories are only available for 24 hours, they promote a sense of urgency. If you’re running a flash sale or limited-time promotion, influencers can post the announcement to their Stories and direct their followers to your website.

10. Run a contest or giveaway.