Use Instagram for market research

1. Add question stickers or one-question polls to Instagram stories to get followers to respond or vote within 24 hours.

For example, Sephora embeds polls in Instagram stories, so that followers can vote on brand and cosmetic choices.

2. Add emotional context to polls with emoji sliders and get richer feedback from followers.

For example, ASOS uses an emoji slider for followers to rate their items and study a wide range of opinions. Swipe up on polls with emoji sliders to check participants, their replies and the average answer.

3. Mine both positive and negative consumer feedback that mentions your brand, from your Instagram posts’ comments section.

For example, when Lewis Hamilton partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to design a capsule collection, he created Instagram posts with relevant hashtags to gather feedback from his many followers. Target local influencers with a small but loyal group of followers to conduct campaigns that actively seek customer feedback or opinion, if you are a small brand.