Use foot-in-the-door principles in your copy

1. Create a new document and summarize the current storyline of your landing page.

2. Use Google Analytics to see how users are interacting with your landing page.

Use Google Analytics heatmap to identify the portions of the text body where users spent most of the time.

3. Note the three most popular sections of the landing page where people spent most of the time.

Highlight these sections in your storyline summary document. Under those sections in your summary, note the tone of voice in the text, what was asked of the users, and if they continued to another section of the content related to the previous query.

4. Rewrite your landing page text to add action triggers to the first two popular sections, with the first asking them to think about a problem, and the second asking them to think about how your product could solve it.

Use a stimulus that people want to remember when reading the copy, like a call to action, question, or powerful statement. After the second emotional trigger, include a brief overview of how your service has helped other people with their issues.

5. In the last popular section, ask your prospect for their data in exchange for a free trial or discount.