Use existence testing in CRO

1. Test landing pages against your homepage to find out whether you’re sending traffic to the wrong starting location.

Test different pages as the first page visitors see, to find out which one is best for your company.

2. Test starting visitors deeper or higher up in the funnel, to find out which page should be the first step.

How do different pages contribute? What happens if you add or remove a step?

3. Test hiding specific elements on pages and compare conversion rates between the original and modified pages, to determine how individual elements affect your customers.

For example, if you want to understand the importance of the hero banner, form submit fields, and search bar on your homepage, you could set up 4 experiences, a control and 3 variations, where each variation hides just one element: Control: homepage with no changes. Variation 1: hide just the hero banner. Variation 2: hide just the form submit fields. Variation 3: hide just the search bar.

4. Use existence testing results as a starting point for follow up tests and future optimization.

For example, if you find that removing your left navigation bar decreases conversions, it’s clear that it’s important to your site and has optimization potential. Test removing or replacing elements that hurt your site.

5. Replicate and test high-performing elements on your landing pages or other pages on your site.

Experiment with tweaking things like size, copy, color, imagery, or placement.