Use cart regeneration to reduce abandonment with Klaviyo

1. Create an account on Klaviyo and integrate it with your ecommerce store.

2. Go to the dashboard and create a flow for your campaign.

Name your flow Cart Regeneration or Cart Abandoned, and click Save.

3. Go to email templates in the dashboard and select an existing template, or create a new email template for your specific campaign.

4. Add an Abandoned Cart trigger and drag it to the top of your campaign.

Drag another time trigger to initiate your email campaign an hour after people abandoned their cart. Adjust the time of starting the flow, after looking at your audience website access and purchasing behavior

5. At the top of the email, drag a text block from the side panel, and one paragraph of copy with no more than 3-4 sentences.

Add the urgency segment like Hurry or Products are selling fast, at the end of your paragraph. Keep your top copy simple to help your customers not lose focus.

6. Add a button below the text block with a highlighted call to action such as, Continue Your Purchase or Checkout Now.

Center your button below the text and use a color in your brand palette to help it stand out.

7. Insert a paragraph under the CTA button that tells people about your shipping policy and return policy.

Include offers like free shipping and free returns to help them feel more confident about their purchase.

8. Create customer segments and group them in 3 age categories from 18-35, 35-50, and 50-65+.

Set up the flow of your campaign to send the same email to all your segments. Analyze conversion metrics on the platform to assess their performance.

9. Use the conversion data to create and test new email flows for specific customer segments.

Add more emails to the abandoned cart sequence, and offer discounts if the customer takes no action. Use conversion data from these longer sequences to figure out what cadence and frequency works well. Refine your email flows accordingly and see if your conclusions were correct.