Use A/B testing and personalization together

1. Sign up on A/B testing platforms such as Optimizely, to be able to run A/B tests with multiple page variations.

Use A/B testing platforms to better analyze your tests, and deploy multiple variations of your page. You can select a similar alternative platform that allows you to run A/B tests.

2. Create segments using existing data you have about their characteristics to target specific personalization tests.

3. Create a document where you list the possible experiences you can offer for each segment.

For example, if your segment is young female, create a copy using their existing pain points, and offer discounts on female accessories or clothes. If you are segmenting on location, create location-based tags, or create headlines that cater to their characteristics. Write the message such as headline text or page copy for each segment.

4. Create rule-based personalizations in your A/B testing tool according to the segments you have established.

Select the page variation you want to send to each segment, and personalize the page using elements and messages that are directed to their needs and pain points.

5. Create two or more variations of the same page that is targeted at a specific audience segment.

Make one adjustment at the micro-conversion level, such as editing the headline or adding a banner. Start testing the page variations by conditioning the A/B testing tool to target the specific page, only to the defined segment.

6. Run the A/B test campaign for at least 2 weeks to gather insights and data on the page performances.

Scan the analytics section of your testing tool and identify which variation of the page performed best.

7. Run the second round of personalizations using the best performing page variation.

Analyze the page performance to gather more insights from your audience to optimize your page further. Search for the time the page was open, the type of device used, the amount of time spent on the page. Optimize your page using the insights and create new personalization elements on the page. Run multiple variations of the page for the same segment.

8. Use data from your tests, to adjust your customer persona and increase the ROI of your A/B tests.