Turn your blog into a video using lumen5

1. Register for an account with Lumen5.

2. Click on New video to start creating your video.

3. Paste the URL of your blog post into the Use your blog card.

If your blog post isn’t published yet, choose Use a Script and paste the text of the post instead.

4. Choose a video format based on the platform where you’re planning to post it.

For example, Instagram story.

5. Preview themes by hovering your mouse over each option and choose the theme you prefer.

6. Create new scenes, edit their order, or delete them.

Lumen5 automatically creates scenes for the video with text from your blog, which you can change.  The text from your blog is in the left-hand column. Click on a section of text to create a new scene.  To delete a scene, click on it, then select the bin icon above it. To edit text, click on the text box in a scene. To swap the order of a scene, select it, then use the arrow options above it to move it.

7. Click on Media and enter keywords in the search bar to find relevant images or videos to add to a scene.

To swap an image with the image or video in one of your scenes, select it and drag it to the relevant scene.

8. Click on Music and enter a keyword in the search bar to find a genre or mood of music.

You can also scroll down to listen to Lumen5’s suggestions. Double-click on a track to select it. 

9. Click on Preview to check your progress.

You can then edit your video further, if required.

10. Click Publish to download the finished video.