Track social shares of content

1. Rank all of your social accounts based on the number of followers and value to your business.

Ask yourself which social media accounts best increase awareness or engagement with your brand and which lead to the most conversions. Rank your accounts based on those answers.

2. List your top three social accounts in a spreadsheet in separate rows, with months as the following columns.

If you are in the B2B field, your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts are probably your top three. If you are in the B2C field, consider adding your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts.

3. Below each account, include additional rows for the metrics you wish to track.

Metrics might include: Shares Followers Replies Click throughs Leads generated Base the metrics you measure on your organizational goals. For example, if you are attempting to break into a new market, metrics like followers and shares will be more important than leads generated.

4. If you wish to track shares of particular content, consider using SharedCount.

The platform allows you to track the total number of shares a URL generated on different social platforms. The data you see represents how popular your content is on each platform. Paste the URL of the content you want to track into SharedContent and select the channel you wish to measure. Record the number of shares within a given month in the relevant column in your spreadsheet.

5. Return to the spreadsheet each month to update the data you collect.