Track individual email campaigns in GA

1. Link your Google Analytics account to your website.

2. Create a custom URL for each email link using Google’s URL Builder.

3. Choose email in the Medium field for all of your email campaigns.

4. Enter the name of your email campaign in the Campaign field.

5. In the Source field, enter the name of the specific email you'll embed the link in.

6. Describe the link type, such as CTA button or header, in the Content field.

7. Create a spreadsheet that lists all of your tags for the Campaign, Source, and Content fields to ensure consistency in spelling, punctuation, and wording.

8. Create an advanced Google Analytics medium=email segment that focuses only on your email traffic.

9. For larger email campaigns, set up additional Google Analytics segments that report individually on each campaign.

10. Review your email performance at least weekly to gain insights into traffic and behavior from users based on the emails and links from which they came to your website.