Track funnels in Google Analytics

1. Access the goal configuration page in Google Analytics.

Log in to Google Analytics and click on Admin. Click on Goals in the View column. If you haven’t set up any goals, create a new one by clicking on +New Goal, selecting a template, and following the wizard. If you already have a goal and want to set up a funnel, click on the goal name.

2. Go to your website and navigate all the way through the funnel that you want to set up, noting down each funnel step as you go in a document or spreadsheet.

For each step, record its name and URL. Every page counts as a different step. For example, a purchase funnel might start on the shopping cart page. The step name would be Cart and the URL /cart.

3. On the goal configuration page in Google Analytics, click Edit next to goal details.

4. Set funnel to yes and enter the names and URLs of the steps you recorded earlier.

5. Once you collect enough data, go to Conversion > Goals > Funnel visualization.

If you track multiple goals, select the goal that you want to analyze from the goal option drop-down list. Analyze the funnel data and focus on the steps with the highest drop off rate. Optimize your funnel based on the data. Here are some examples of insights and actions: High drop off rate on the payment page; payment methods that are popular and relevant are missing. Consider adding new ones. High drop off rate on the shipping page; the shipping cost might be too high or the shipping time too long. Consider optimizing these. High drop off rate on the personal details page; the number of fields in the form might be too high. Consider reducing them to the minimum necessary.