Track email clicks in GA

1. Access the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder.

2. Input the campaign parameters to build your URL. At minimum, set the landing page link, campaign name, source, and medium.

Copy and paste the landing page link in the Website URL field.  Enter a descriptive name for the page to which you’re linking in the Campaign Source field. Enter Email in the Campaign Medium field.  Enter a description of the campaign purpose in the Campaign Name field. For example, special sale or summer deals. Skip the Campaign Term field since there are no paid keywords in the email campaign. If you use more than one promotional offer, enter a brief name for the promotion in the Campaign Content field. For example, free shipping or fifty percent off.  Select Convert URL to Short Link.

3. Copy the link displayed in URL Builder, select one or more words in the email that the reader will be able to click on, and paste the link into the web address field.

4. Send the email to yourself, click on the link that you created to bring up the destination website, and check that the link functions properly in Google Analytics.

Open Google Analytics and click on Reports > Realtime > Traffic Sources. Navigate to Active Users and check the Medium and Source fields: Medium should be Email.  Source should display the Campaign Source Name you entered earlier.  Active Users should increment to count your click. Click on Email to see more information about the source you input earlier. The landing page will display under Campaign.

5. Send out the email to your targeted audience.

6. In Google Analytics, check the number of clicks generated from the email link on the Traffic Sources page.

7. Compare analytics between this campaign and previous email campaigns. Click on Acquisition > All Traffic, Source, and Medium to view the top sources of traffic to the website.