Track and analyze call performance

1. Choose an inbound call tracking provider such as CallRail, Invoca, CallTrackingMetrics, DialogTech, or RingDNA.

For example, CallRail will track and manage your phone leads and determine which marketing campaigns are driving quality leads.

2. Specify call parameters within the service and insert a JavaScript snippet on your site.

One example of such a parameter would be to show local numbers to local visitors.

3. Configure your script’s services to integrate with GA, allowing you to track which pages a caller has visited and which pages generate the most calls.

Set a phone call as a GA conversion goal.

4. Integrate your service with CRMs like Salesforce or HubSpot to apply the call information to the rest of your prospect’s lead information.

For example: Discovery keywords Customer journey Call time.

5. Combine browsing behavior with an auto-dialer to contact your new lead shortly after they have entered their information.

This way, you also know what they’re interested in, and your sales person is better equipped to answer questions and anticipate objections.

6. Use Google’s ad extension Click to Call to display your phone number as the primary call to action on sponsored results for your targeted keywords.

In some cases, adding a Click to Call option increases phone conversions by as much as 400%.

7. Use multiple phone numbers and test which one produces the best leads - for example, 800 numbers vs. local numbers - and which copy produces the higher click-through rates.

Test adding local relevance to your pages by including, Free [offer] for [city, state] visitors – call [local number] to speak with a representative and analyze call conversion.

8. Track call length based on URL and phone number to determine which pages and keyword-targeting combinations have the highest ROI.

For example, after an initial redesign, ifbyphone determined how these factors impacted call conversion and which design was more impactful – and the company has improved conversions by 600%.

9. Test behavioral targeting techniques with VWO, such as acknowledging the visitor’s geographic region or referral site to see if phone call conversions increase.

For example, click-throughs may be increased by adding a small chicklet on the page to acknowledge the visitor’s location.