Track a funnel on GA

1. Set up funnel tracking by going to Admin > Goals > New Goal.

2. Select a goal for the funnel that fits the goal of your site.

For example, to set up a checkout funnel for ecommerce, choose the Make a payment goal under revenue.

3. Enter a descriptive name in the Name field.

In our checkout funnel example, we will name it Checkout funnel.

4. Choose Destination as the success criteria.

5. Find out the last page that customer visits in the checkout, the page after successful purchase. For most websites, that's the thank you page.

6. Enter the destination criteria and partial URL.

If the last page is always the same, choose equals to. If the last page varies, use either Begins with or Regular expression.

7. Turn funnel option to ON.

8. Enter every page that the customer has to go through to complete the funnel.

In this example, we will set up a checkout funnel. You can find the correct URL for each step or page by going through the funnel yourself. When done, click save.

9. Go to Conversions > Goals > Funnel Visualization and view the funnel that you have set up.

Below is an example of what a funnel with multiple steps would look like.