Start a basic FB advertising account

1. Create a new Facebook Business Manager account

Go to Click on +Create business. Fill in the required fields, Company Name, Name, and E-mail Address. Click Submit.

2. Open the email sent to the address you gave Facebook Business Manager, and verify the email address.

3. Create a new ad account in Facebook Business Manager.

Click on Go to Business Settings under Ad account performance. Click on Add and then on Create a new ad account. Enter the account name, time zone, and currency. Click on Next. Under This ad account will be used for, choose the suitable option, for example, My business. Click Create.

4. Add people and select permissions related to your Facebook Ads account.

Select the users in the column on the left. Use the toggles to define the roles for the users with access to your ad account: Assign Manage campaigns and View performance permissions to people that manage your campaigns, for example, Facebook ad specialist. Assign Add payment info and Manage admin permissions to someone who has the strategic responsibility the Facebook Ads. For example, Performance Marketing Team Lead and Head of Social media. Click Assign.

5. Add payment information to your Facebook Ads account.

Click on Add payment info. Choose the location. Enter the tax information. Choose the preferred payment method. Click Next. Enter the payment method details and click Save.