Show email signups in GA

1. Create a specific page on your website, like a Thank you page, to which your audience will be redirected as they sign up or confirm their email address.

2. Expand the Conversions tab on the side navigation pane in Google Analytics, and click on Goals > Goal URLs, and Set up goals.

3. Click on + NEW GOAL and choose the CUSTOM goal option, then click Continue.

4. Enter a memorable, descriptive name for this tracker and select Destination under Type, then click Continue.

5. Select equals to from the Destination drop down list, and enter the local URL of your redirection page. Click Save.

6. In the side navigation pane, click Customization > Dashboards.

7. Click Create, select Blank canvas, enter a name, and click Create Dashboard.

8. Choose standard metrics based on how you want to visualize the email signups.

Timeline or Bar tend to work well.

9. Select the custom goal you created earlier from Show the following metric.

10. Click Save to display email signups on your Google Analytics dashboard.