Setup welcome sequence automation rules

1. Setup user classification in your ESP user list and tag new subscribers to ensure that your welcome sequence is only sent to them.

Welcome sequences should only be sent to subscribers once throughout their customer journey. Tagging each user in your email service once they’ve been through the welcome sequence ensures they’re not sent the same messages over and over again, which can lead to an unpleasant user experience. Create a new radio button type field in your user list and name it Welcome_Sequence. Enter two options for radio button choices as Yes and No. Set default value to No. Set field to HIDDEN or untick the checkbox where it says VISIBLE.

2. Setup your welcome sequence email automation in your ESP.

This process depends on the ESP you use, but in general you need to: Select New Automation Creation wizard in your ESP. Enter the number of emails you want to add to your welcome sequence. Set up the email and content, and create design templates.

3. Setup welcome sequence Triggers that fire when new subscribers are added to your user list.

Most ESPs allow you to set up triggers under the Settings section for your welcome sequence. Check your product documentation to find out where you would need to set these up if you can’t find where to add them. For example, in Mailchimp, you would: Select the trigger When a new subscriber is added to list. Add another condition with an AND operator in the trigger settings, select the Welcome_Sequence field and set the value to No. Click Go Live for the welcome sequence.

4. Add a new action after the last email in your automation workflow and create a Trigger to update user details.

Create an action to Update Field and choose the Welcome_Sequence field. Set the value to Yes.

5. Save and close the automation, and confirm that it has been set to Active in your ESP dashboard.