Setup a content nurturing email sequence specific to lead magnets

1. Create a spreadsheet of lead magnets currently in use, assign a keyword specific to each lead magnet, and set up your email system to tag the subscribers as soon as they are added to your email list.

Add two columns in the spreadsheet, name them lead-magnet and tags. For example:

2. Create individual content nurturing flows for all your lead magnets and set up the emails in the Automations section of your email service.

How you set these up depends on the email service you use, so see your product manual for more information. In general, the starting trigger for each of these automations will be the assignment of the specific tag for each lead-magnet that the user has requested. Select the wait time to send the first email. Usually it is 1-2 minutes. Then, create the rest of the emails in the automation flow with wait times based on when you want your users to receive your content based, lead-nurturing emails.

3. Add tags to individual lead generation signup forms to create tag assignments for each prospect as they sign up for your email list.

The specific process to add tags depends on your email service – refer to your product manual for the exact process. Include the tags as hidden form fields in your lead capture form and pass the value along to your ESP when the form is being submitted.

4. Trigger an automatic email within your campaign management tool, such as Mailchimp, to deliver the specific lead magnet as soon as the users submit the lead magnet request form, and move the user to their custom welcome sequence.

Set up lead magnet delivery emails for all the different lead magnets currently in use. Set up a rule to add users to the specific email flow for each lead-magnet after the welcome email has been sent.

5. Sign up for each lead magnet using a different email address to test the content nurturing email automation, and ensure that each email in the nurturing sequence for each lead magnet is delivered to the correct email address.