Set up Zapier for cold email collection and verification

1. Create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets with two worksheets and set column headers in the two worksheets - these will be required when setting up your automation.

Name one worksheet Raw Data.  Name the second worksheet Cleaned Data.

2. Create additional columns in the Cleaned Data worksheet for email address and result code.

Updated Email Address: Some services call this Normalized Email. This will store any updated email addresses sent by the validation service. Result Code: This will store the result of the validation.

3. Connect your Google account and the list validation service with Zapier.

Go to My Apps in the left menu on your Zapier dashboard. Click Add Connection. Select Google Sheets and authenticate your Google account. Select your list validation service, authenticate, and finalize the connection.

4. Start a new ZAP in Zapier with a new trigger.

Choose Google Sheets from App. Choose New Spreadsheet Row from Trigger Event. Select the spreadsheet and worksheet that you created earlier and test your trigger

5. Set up a verification event using your chosen list validation service.

Select Verify Email Address – or a specific verification event set up for your chosen service – from Action Event. Select the Google account that you connected earlier. Under Set up Action, select the column that contains raw email addresses in your spreadsheet. Click Continue and Test & Continue.

6. Select the destination to update the Google sheet with validation results.

Select Google Sheets from app and Create Spreadsheet Row from Action Event. Click Continue and select the Google account and the spreadsheet that you are using. Select Cleaned Data from Worksheet.

7. Populate columns individually from your spreadsheet and list validation service.

Use your original spreadsheet as the source for columns that your list validation service doesn’t verify, such as Name, Address or Date of Birth. Select the Updated Email Address and Result Code columns in the Cleaned Data worksheet that you set up earlier Select columns for any other custom data fields that you have collected from your list validation service. Click Continue and then Test & Review.

8. Check for the recently updated data by opening the Google spreadsheet.

Check specifically for data in the Updated Email Address and Result Code columns.

9. Go live and test with real data.

Click Turn on Zap to activate the Zap. Give your Zap a friendly name like Raw Leads Email List Validation. Enter some values in the Raw Data field in the original Google spreadsheet and wait for a few minutes. Check that the Cleaned Data worksheet has been updated with the results of the data you entered.

10. If you see unexpected results in the Cleaned Data spreadsheet, look at the Zap's history in Zapier.