Set up your email template

1. Open your email platform and select create new email or create a new email template.

Ideally, use the drag and drop functionality that all platforms offer. This allows you to drag a content block, like an image block, text block, table block or spacer block, onto any section of your email. Most emails start with a logo. To add a logo, drag an image block to the top of your email and upload your logo. Most email platforms offer templates for different purposes that you can adjust to your needs. Simply click create new email and when prompted click email templates. The simplest and easiest way to use templates will is a single column template with a main hero image, followed by products or content.

2. Set your email width to under 700px so that your email renders correctly across all devices.

3. Create a hero image for your email if you are promoting a special offer or product.

This image should highlight the offer or product you are trying to promote. This image should be 600-700 pixels wide and ideally less than 500 pixels in height. A hero image is not always required, however it does provide a nice snapshot at the top of an email that helps engage readers. Try to summarize all the benefits within a hero image. For example, if you are offering a 20% discount for that week, make sure this is prominently displayed. Likewise, if you are offering a piece of content you could use the hero image to illustrate the title and provide a call to action to access the content.

4. Include a call-to-action like CLICK HERE TO SHOP AND SAVE on your hero image.

5. Add a maximum of 3 products per line, each with a call-to-action button underneath.

6. Make sure your product images fit within the width of your email.

For example, if your email is 600 pixels wide, each product image should be no more than 180 pixels wide. Allow roughly 20 pixels per image for padding. If your email provider’s platform does not have a products block, drop in a table block and set it with the number of rows and columns required for your chosen number of products. For example, add 3 products in a row, and set your table to have 3 columns and one row. Include your best-selling products and use the best possible images. However, try to avoid using the same products over and over again on subsequent emails. Every email you send should have a unique reason for a user to click; be it a discount, product type, special offer etc.

7. Insert a call-to-action button directly below your products that takes customers to the relevant offer or product page.

For example, an engaging call to action could be “SHOP NOW BEFORE THE MEGA SALE ENDS.” You can make your call to action more effective by adding urgency to it using time pressure or stock pressure. For example, “SHOP NOW 40% OFF UNTIL MIDNIGHT” or “SHOP OUR CLEARANCE SALE BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF STOCK”.

8. Insert an unsubscribe link in the footer of your email by hyperlinking your unsubscribe text. Also include your company address and contact details.

Your email marketing provider will most likely automatically insert an unsubscribe link in your footer.