Set up URL parameters to track Bing Ads in GA

1. Sign in to Bing Ads, click the gear icon and select Accounts & Billing.

2. Click the pencil icon next to the account and then on Advanced Settings.

3. Select Add UTM tags to my destination URLs and replace all existing tags.

4. In your Google Analytics account, go to Acquisition > All traffic > Source/Medium to find your Bing Ads data.

Your Bing Ads data will be listed under bing / cpc in the report. Check your success metrics such as conversions, cost per conversion, and compare Bing Ads to other traffic sources. Look particularly at Google Ads, which is listed in the report under google / cpc.

5. Click on bingĀ  / cpc, then click on Secondary Dimension > Campaign to see an overview of the performance of your Bing Ads campaigns.

6. Click on Secondary Dimension > Term to see an overview of your Bing Ads keywords.

7. Optimize your Bing Ads campaigns by pausing campaigns or keywords with high cost but no conversions, and increasing budget and CPC bids for keywords which are generating conversions.