Set up transactional emails

1. Set up a separate domain/subdomain that is different from your promotion email domain.

Contact your webmaster to guide you through this process if needed. Your transactional email address needs to be different from the promotional email address. This is to ensure that any deliverability or spam issues on your promotional domain won’t affect important transactional information. For example, your promotion email domain can be, and your transactional email address can be

2. Request a dedicated IP address from your email marketing provider for your transactional emails.

You may not need a separate IP address, if your email volume is small. However, IP address are free and separating your transactional and promotional emails can prevent potential issues. Unlike promotional IP addresses, you don’t need to warm up the transactional IP address up as the volume will be low, and it should have a very high open rate.

3. Go into your post purchase flows and change your “from” address to new domain and change the IP address to your new transactional IP.

Change the IP address by going to Dashboard > Flows  >IP settings > IP address and pasting your new IP address into the field.  Change the From name to differentiate between promotional emails and transactional emails. Post purchase flows are where you send out your customer receipts, post purchase emails etc.

4. Spam test your transactional emails with a tool like Litmus, Mail-tester or IP quality score to ensure your new domain and new IP address are working correctly.

Emailonacid and Isnotspam are also excellent services that you can try. You can also check with your email marketing provider to see if they have a built-in spam-testing service.

5. Send only marketing focused emails through your dedicated marketing domain and IP address.

This will help you maintain your transactional IP and domain name completely separate from your marketing IP address and domain name.