Set up lead scoring rules for online behavior – site and app

1. Create a table listing all the behaviors you identified for your ideal buyer persona.

These behaviors are highly dependent on the business you’re in, and you will need to use your best judgement based on past research. For example, looking at specific product categories might indicate that a visitor is more likely to convert. You could also look at shopping behavior, interaction on specific pages, and the frequency of visits to your site or a particular page.

2. Assign a positive or negative score for each behavior listed in your table.

Scoring is subjective and depends on your business goals. For example, you could assign a score of +10 if a visitor looks at a product page twice in a session.

3. Navigate to the Lead Scoring section in your CRM and create the lead scoring rules, entering the specific actions from the list you created and their assigned scores.

See your CRM product documentation for more information on creating lead scoring rules. Note that not all CRM tools have lead scoring built-in. Sometimes, you may have to plug in an additional app or a third party system to access this feature. For example, if a lead visited a particular URL twice, you could add 10 points to their lead score.

4. Visit your website and perform the actions to trigger the rules you set up, and check the lead score recorded in your CRM to ensure the system is working as it should and allocating scores accordingly.

For example, if you visit a particular URL twice, check to make sure your CRM assigned you a lead score of 10.

5. Evaluate your scoring model every month based on new customer interactions and conversions, and adjust it as necessary.