Set up lead scoring rules for demographic information

1. Determine the specific user demographics that correspond to high quality leads for your business.

For example, demographics like Age, Income, and Education Level could be important demographics you would want to capture.

2. Create a table with all the demographics you identified, along with specific targets that identify your ideal customer.

For example:

3. Assign a score for each ideal customer persona demographic based on the table you created, adding points for demographics that meet your target criteria and deducting points for those that do not.

For example, you could assign a score of +10 for leads in the United States, or -10 for leads outside the United States. How you assign points is subjective and dependent on your business goals. So, you will need to use your best judgment when assigning scores.

4. Access the lead scoring section in your CRM and add the demographics and point scores from the list you created.

Not all CRM tools have lead scoring built-in. Sometimes, you may have to plug in an additional app or a third party system to access this feature.

5. Add a sample lead and sample demographics to test your lead scoring rules and ensure your setup is working.

Check your CRM lead scoring section, app, or third party system to make sure the lead was added and properly scored based on your assigned scores.

6. Evaluate your scoring model every month and adjust as necessary based on new customer interactions and conversions.