Set up Instagram Shopping ads

1. Set up your Instagram shop account.

2. Set up your Ads Manager account.

3. Choose an objective for your ad, like awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, or conversion, based on your campaign goals.

4. Set up your budget, schedule, and placement for your ad.

5. Scope out the audience you want to target with your ad.

6. Select the post you want to turn into an ad, which can be an existing post or a new post that appeals to your target audience.

7. Ensure that your business account has the Checkout option so that your customer can purchase the product without leaving Instagram.

8. If you’d prefer to drive traffic to your website, check that the post has a product tag to lead the customer to the product details page.

9. Set your metrics, like views and purchases, and customize them for your shopping ad.

10. Select Continue to publish your shopping ad.