Set up Google Shopping

1. Create a Google Merchant account.

Go to Click on Get started. Under Enter your business information, enter your business name, location, and time zone. Under Where do you want your customers to check out? use On my website. Under What tools do you use select Shopify and Paypal, if you use these tools. Accept the terms and conditions. Click Create account. Click Continue.

2. Verify your website.

Click on the Set up website link. Enter your website URL. Verify your website URL using one of the three methods. Click on one of the options and follow the detailed instructions displayed on the page. If you have a Google Analytics account, the Google Analytics verification method is the easiest. Click on Verify URL.

3. Configure shipping settings.

Go to Click on the blue + button. Add a shipping service name, for example, Free shipping. Select the country and currency from the drop-down. Click Next. Under Order cutoff time, enter a time after which you will no longer process orders received on that day. Select the days that this rule applies to from the drop-down. For example, Monday – Friday. Under Handling time define the time between the order and the handoff to carrier. Use 0 – 0 if the shipment is ready on the same day as when the order was placed. Under Transit time enter the time it takes the carrier to deliver a product to a customer. Under Advanced settings to set the minimum order value, if applicable. Click Next. Under Customer shipping cost select the option that applies to your store, for example, Free shipping, Flat rate, or Free shipping over certain amount. Click Save.

4. Add products directly in the Merchant Center.

Log in to Google Merchant Center. Select Products from the navigation menu. Click All products. Click the blue + button to add a product. Fill out the required product data fields. Click Save. Use this option if you have a few products in your web shop or if you want to test Google Shopping with a few products.

5. Add and configure a product feed to add a large number of products quickly.

Log in to Google Merchant Center. Select Products from the navigation menu. Click Feeds. Click the blue + button to add a feed. Specify the country of sale and language and click Next. Select Free Listings and Shopping Ads as destinations. Click Continue. Choose how to set up your feed and connect your data to your Merchant Center. Choose Google Sheets if you don’t have developers that can generate a product feed for you, or don’t use ecommerce platforms like Shopify. If you use a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce, use an app or plugin. Generate a new Google spreadsheet from a template. Click Create feed. Log in to your Google Sheets account. Fill out the feed with product data.

6. Connect your Google Merchant and Google Ads accounts.

Log in to your Merchant Center at Click the tools icon. Click Linked accounts under Settings. Select Google Ads.  Select the account that you want to link. Click Link under Actions.

7. Confirm the account linking in Google Ads.

Go to your Google Ads account. Click the tools icon. Under Setup, click Linked accounts. Under Google Merchant Center, click Details. Click Approve to approve the link.