Set up Google Analytics filters

1. Open Google Analytics and click on Admin > Account column > funnel icon.

GA displays filters in the order they will run.

2. Click on +Add Filter and give your new filter a descriptive name.

Verify and save the filter each time you create a new one. Add Filters in the order in which you would like them applied to segment the data into smaller groups and exclude unwanted data or search and replace specific information.

3. Click on Predefined to use predefined filters to include or exclude traffic based on ISP domain, sub-directories, or hostname.

This can create more accurate reports by excluding internal traffic, websites, bots, and hostnames.  For example, to use the filter to exclude traffic from an IP address used by staff, select Predefined, then exclude, then click on traffic from the address and enter the IP address you wish to exclude.

4. Select a view to apply the predefined filter, click on Add to move the view and apply the filter on it, then click Save.

5. Click on Custom to create a custom filter, for purposes like filtering traffic by device, country, language, browser, or social network.

For example, to create a custom filter to exclude the United States, click on Custom and select Exclude. Select Country from the Filter Field menu. Enter United States in Filter Pattern. Click No for Case Sensitive then Save.  Reorder filters in a view to change the order in which they are applied. Data is processed sequentially starting with the first filter. If it’s not displayed correctly, you may need to reorder the filters: Click on the text next to the Assign Filter Order button. Select the filter you want to move and click on Move Down or Move Up. Click Remove in a filter’s row to remove it from view. Click Save once you finish reordering your filters.