Set up Google Ads account

1. Create a new Google account or open your existing Google account.

You do not need a Gmail address. You can use any other email address by selecting Use my current email address instead to create and log into your Google Account.

2. Visit and click on Start now.

If you have already connected one or more ads accounts, make sure that you’re signed in to the correct one by checking the name and email in the top right corner.

3. Choose a goal for your ad from the list of options and click the Next button.

Set a goal of driving more traffic to your website, getting more calls or promoting your local business.

4. Provide your business name and website link, and click on Next.

Type your website URL and click the Next button. Be sure that you provide the correct link, otherwise you could start an ad campaign promoting a 3rd party website. Confirm your website by looking at the mobile and desktop image generated by Google. If it’s correct, click the Next button.

5. Write three headlines of up to 30 characters each and two descriptions of up to 90 characters each, and click on Next.

If you want to include a call button in your ad, enter the phone number you want people to call. The complete version of your ad will be displayed as a preview on the right side.

6. Choose keywords to add to your ad by clicking + New keyword theme or selecting suggested keyword themes, then click Next.

Identify the most searched for terms in your industry using a tool like Ahrefs, Moz, or Google’s Keyword Planner. As you start typing in new keywords, it will autocomplete with popular options. You can choose one of these options or finish typing your full keyword and press Enter. Choose the keywords that represent your business the best and use between 7 and 10 keyword themes. For example, if you promote car selling in Toronto, choose keywords like purchase a car Toronto or Toronto car selling, and not used cars Atlanta. The most relevant keywords are specific and define the location of your offer, the product or service you’re promoting, and product- or service-specific characteristics like color, capacity, and weight. For example, if you want to sell Dell laptops in San Francisco, use Purchase Dell Latidute 15″ 1TB San Francisco rather than Purchase laptop.

7. Choose locations in which to run the ads, and click Next.

Select specific locations and if you’re unsure, err on the side of smaller areas to avoid wasting your budget. For example, if you have a business that operates in Georgia only, choose this specific state rather than the entire United States. If you operate in multiple places, add specific regions, states, or ZIP codes individually, rather than running ads across all states.

8. Set your currency and a daily average budget that will help you get at least 10-20 clicks per day.

Choose either Select a budget option, which will recommend a daily budget, or Enter your own budget and add a daily budget based on your keyword research. For example, if Google’s Keyword Planner tool says that the average price per click is $5, set up a daily budget as: $5 x 10 clicks + 20% = $60. Make sure that the monthly maximum spend and the estimated clicks per month suit your goals and budget.

9. Click on Next to review your account information and make sure it's correct.

10. Confirm payment and customer information for your Google Ads account and click on Submit.