Set up browse abandonment flows

1. Open your email platform and navigate to your automation tab.

Select Create new flow/automation and select the pre-built browse abandonment flow. The trigger will automatically be set up. Most platforms that offer automation have pre-built the major flows like this one. Refer to your specific platform’s automation documentation. Typically, you will need to use a pre-built browse abandonment flow rather than a custom flow, as the trigger relies on integration between the platform and your website.

2. Modify the time delay to 2-6 hours.

This is the optimum waiting time before sending a reminder email. You need to give a user time to complete their purchase.

3. Click on the first email block after the time delay and create a compelling personalized subject line.

If an email block hasn’t been created automatically, insert one. Personalize the subject by inserting a dynamic tag like [Firstname]. Some good examples of browse abandonment subject lines: Did you see something you liked, [FIRSTNAME]? Recommended just for you Were you checking us out? We saw you checking us out, [FIRSTNAME] We must say you have good taste, [FIRSTNAME] Have your eye on something?

4. Create a headline that encourages your user to purchase or click on the item they previously viewed.

Consider mentioning discounts in the headline. But be careful with using discounts in browse abandonment emails, as you can inadvertently train your users to expect a discount every time they want to purchase. You could offer a small discount or free shipping just to sweeten the deal or encourage conversions. Some examples of browse abandonment headlines: Did you like what you saw? Can we interest you in [productname]? You have great taste! 10% off if you order today Seen anything you liked? We’ve saved some recently viewed items for you Did you want this? Click here to complete your order

5. Insert an engaging call to action underneath the product image and details.

The product image and details will be inserted into your email automatically from the pre-built flow. Some good examples of calls to action for these emails: Treat yourself! Buy now Shop now while stocks last Click here for easy ordering Buy now and save 10% Bag this while you can Buy now – last chance at this price!

6. Add another headline under your call to action that highlights other complimentary or bestselling products.

Your user may not like the product they viewed, so include 1-3 other products to try and get them to convert. For example, Not quite what you were looking for? How about these? Alternatively, add text or a button that says Shop bestsellers or See what else we have to offer.

7. Send yourself a preview of the email to check that the abandoned product image is coming through and is rendering correctly in your email.

Litmus is an excellent inbox and device testing service that will automatically show you how your email will look in different inboxes across all devices. Alternatively, set up different email accounts with different providers and manually send previews to each. Make sure you check your email on a mobile device.