Set up an out-of-stock notification email sequence

1. Use a tool like Privy, OptinMonster, or Swym to set up a pop-up on an out-of-stock product page that triggers when a call to action is clicked allows users to receive an email notification when the product is back in stock.

Use a Call to Action that automatically displays on out-of-stock products and clearly describes its purpose, like Notify Me. Set the popup display trigger to the call to action button click.

2. Create a list in your email service provider (ESP) for out of stock opt-ins and connect it to your pop-up tool.

Name your list something easy to remember, like Back In Stock.

3. Create an out-of-stock automation flow in your ESP set to trigger when a new subscriber is added to the list.

How you do this depends on your ESP. In general, however, you would: Go to Flows in your ESP and create a new flow. Name it something easy to remember, like Out Of Stock. Set the trigger to When someone is added/subscribes to the list. Select your out of stock opt-in list as the trigger list. Check if your ESP offers a component which will make users wait until their item of interest is restocked. If not, add a Delay until the time products are typically back in stock, such as 10 days.

4. Set up back in stock email templates with and send an email immediately when the user enters the flow.

Configure the first email to be sent immediately after the user enters the flow and the next to be sent after the delay or when the product is back in stock again. Give users the option to add the product to their cart directly from the email via a call to action. If possible, set a conditional logic to check whether the product is back in stock, and immediately send an email when it’s available again.

5. Set up email templates for discontinued products or delays in restocking.

Wait for certain amount of time (eg. 15-30 days since user entered the flow) Setup an email telling the user that the product has been discontinued, is no longer available or you can even tell the users to wait more (if there is a delay in restocking). Set a Delay for a certain amount of time after a user enters the flow. For example, 15 or 30 days. Inform the user whether the product is discontinued, no longer available, or if there is a delay in restocking it.

6. Login to your store dashboard, set a product's quantity to 0, visit the product page and click on the out-of-stock call to action, enter your email address and any other required information, and check your inbox for the first out of stock email to ensure everything is working as it should.

You should immediately receive the first email in your automation informing you the product is out of stock. If not, recheck your email sequence and connections to make sure everything is set up correctly.