Set up a welcome series

1. Create a new automation in your email platform and name it clearly: for example, Welcome email sequence - 30 days.

2. Add rules for how to trigger the platform to add contacts to this automation.

For example, a contact is added to an automation after they are added to a specific list like Newsletter subscribers. Or a contact is added to an automation after receiving a specific tag like Ebook download.

3. Write the first welcome email to remind receivers why they are on this list and what they'll receive.

Include: What they will learn if they stay Who you are (introduce yourself) Tell them how to unsubscribe.

4. Add the welcome email to the automation - schedule it to be sent immediately after a contact is added.

5. Write 6-8 nurturing emails that educate the reader, build authority, or offer a call to action.

Educate the reader about their problem and how your service or product can work as a solution. Build authority by offering testimonials or use cases, and make your brand familiar. Call to action by asking the receiver to perform an action like starting a trial, booking a call, or making an initial purchase. Start with low-barrier options and avoid high-pressure sales.

6. Add all nurturing emails to your automation and schedule one to be sent every third day.

7. Turn on the automation; from inactive to active mode.