Set up a product review flow

1. Open your email platform and navigate to your Automation or Flow tab.

Create a new flow or automation and, if available, select the pre-built review or testimonial flow. Most platforms that offer automation have pre-built the major flows, like a review flow. If yours does not, refer to your specific platforms guide on automation.

2. Open your flow trigger options and set your trigger to: Completed purchase at least once in the past 7 days.

If you have selected a pre-built flow, the trigger will likely already be set up for you.

3. Add a time delay after your trigger of 4-7 days.

You want to give your users a chance to actually use the products before reviewing them. To add a time delay, drag a delay block onto your flow and insert it after the trigger block. Refer to your platform’s documentation if required.

4. Insert your email template after the delay block, and enter a compelling subject line.

Use some form of personalization by inserting a dynamic tag like, [FIRSTNAME] or [PRODUCTNAME]. Your email platform will have a list of different dynamic tags you can use in their documentation. Examples of good review subject lines: [FIRSTNAME]! You’re the only one who can help Could we trouble you for a review, [FIRSTNAME] How do you like [PRODUCTNAME]? Let us know, [FIRSTNAME] Don’t be shy, [FIRSTNAME]: share your experience Could we ask a favor, [FIRSTNAME]?

5. Open your email's body and create a headline that encourages your user to leave a review for the product they just purchased.

Refer to the specific product they purchased again, using dynamic content tags. Good review request headlines: Could we take 3 minute of your time? [FIRSTNAME], we’d love it if you could take a minute and leave us a review We are always trying to improve – help us out by leaving a review

6. Insert a link below the headline where they can click, to be taken to where you'd like them to leave the review.

Make it explicitly clear and obvious. For example, Click here to help us out and leave a review.

7. Keep the content of the email short.

You don’t need much more than an engaging headline, a reference to the product purchased, and a visible link to where they can leave a review.

8. Complete your email with a thank you and a link to customer service, in case they have any issues with the product or would like to get in touch.