Set up a Microsoft Ads campaign

1. Go to the Campaigns tab and click on the Create campaign button.

2. Choose a campaign goal from the options under What's the goal of this campaign?

Visits to my website: Choose this option if your main goal is to drive traffic to your website. Visits to my business location: Select this goal if you have a brick-and-mortar business, and you want people to visit your store, office, or event. Conversions in my website: Pick this option if you want to track the actions people take on your website, such as purchasing a product or signing up for your email list. Phone calls to my business: Use this option to drive more phone calls to your business. App installs: Select this option to encourage more app downloads. Dynamic search ads: With dynamic search ads, your ads are automatically customized based on the content of your site; you don’t even choose keywords for your campaign.  Sell products from your catalog. Showcase your inventory with product images on the search results page. This feature is equivalent to Google Shopping.

3. Enter a Name and Budget for your ad campaign.

4. Select Location, Language, and other information for your campaign, then click on Save & go to the next step.

You can set locations for your ads based on a country or choose states, cities, coordinates, or zip codes you want to target. Additionally, you can exclude locations you don’t want to target. If you want to show ads to people who live in your target location, check People in your targeted location. Check People searching for or Viewing pages about your targeted location only if you want your ad displayed to people outside your target location who are interested in the location, for example, you run a destination wedding venue.

5. Name your Ad group and enter the keywords you want to target, then click on Save & go to the next step.

You can enter your website URL and product in the search bar under Get ad group and keyword ideas for keyword ideas. Or you can use a tool like Wordtracker, SEMrush, Adzooma, or Moz.

6. Click on Create ad.

7. Type "{" into any of the title boxes and select Keyword insertion to use the viewer's search keyword in the title.

For example, if you have keywords that include teeth whitening and dental bleaching, and you set your title as Book Your {keyword: dental} Appointment Today, then if your ad is displayed to someone who typed in dental bleaching, your ad title displays as Book Your Dental Bleaching Appointment Today.

8. Fill in the form using at least one of your keywords or the viewer's search keyword in Title part 1 and the Path.

For example, if you’re a dentist, you might use teeth and whitening in the path. The landing page URL will be displayed as /teeth/whitening. Each section of the path has a 15-character limit.

9. Click on Save.