Set product marketing KPIs

1. Coordinate with your executive team to define or review the product marketing goals directly connected with larger business growth and success.

2. Identify business success KPIs that clearly align your product marketing with revenue, profitability, and business growth.

3. Identify product usage KPIs that indicate user experience and satisfaction.

4. Identify product development KPIs that focus on product launch and ongoing updates.

5. Identify product quality KPIs that show product and feature adoption, referral and churn velocity, and trends.

6. Rank all potential KPIs according to their alignment with your marketing goals and your ability to measure them.

7. Review all top-ranked KPIs with your executive team to ensure that tracking these metrics will sufficiently show product marketing success.

8. Track your agreed KPIs for three months, and make adjustments if tracking proves difficult or additional metrics are needed.