Set a profitable theme for a virtual summit

1. Pick a niche that you have an interest in and could talk about for 500+ hrs.

A successful summit will bring you more work and increase your authority in the niche you chose. It should be a sweet spot of your passion or interest, your skills, and proven profitability, such as products you already sell.

2. Check if other people are selling products in this space by researching on Amazon, looking through TrustPilot reviews of relevant products, or browsing through the Facebook Ad Library.

3. Decide on what service or skill set you want to become known as the go-to expert and authority in.

A successful summit will set you up for other opportunities in the future, so be strategic about what opportunities you are striving for. You need to have a desire to learn more and be willing to interview the influencers in your chosen industry. After all, they’re really going to be the ones creating the content! For example, you can work as a marketing consultant, but your true passion is playing tennis. You might be not good enough to make a living as a tennis player, but you could host a virtual summit that brings together tennis coaches and helps attendees become better tennis players.

4. Go through existing media like podcasts, books, or blogs, look at current trends, evaluate which products in your niche sell well, analyze what topics influencers receive the most engagement with, and create a list of ideas for potential summit topics.

5. Look at specific topics covered in popular podcast episodes or blog posts in your niche, check out similar themed products on Amazon, and search Google for "summit" + "[your broad niche]" to narrow down your general, broad topic to a specific one.

A virtual summit that is for everyone is for no one. It’s way more powerful (and profitable) to go specific rather than broad and general. Here are a few examples of how you can narrow down your summit topic:  The Business Summit becomes The List Building Summit. The Health Summit becomes Women’s Strength Summit. The Holistic Health Summit becomes Essential Oils Summit. The Dating Summit becomes Men’s Confidence Summit.

6. Use surveys, interview and reach out to influencers, and ask your family and friends for feedback to validate your summit idea before getting too far into the planning and execution stages.

Getting feedback early – before you get too far into the planning and execution stages – is essential creating a truly useful summit that your audience is going to love. Use a tool like Google Forms to survey people in your audience about your idea, ask them what they like about it and what they think is missing. Ask people in your professional network three questions about their current roadblocks, if they would attend a virtual summit that helps them overcome those roadblocks, and what would make a virtual event a must to attend. Reach out to influencers and thought leaders on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or niche-specific forums to run your idea by them.