Send Parabola workflow results to Google Sheets

1. Use a Google Sheets import to bring in your existing master sheet of data.

Authorize your Google account in Parabola by signing in. Search for the name of the spreadsheet containing your existing data.

2. Format the column headers of your new data so that they match the column headers of your old data.

Use a Rename step in Parabola to rename columns so that data from different sources matches. For example, in one table a column might be called F Name and in another table it might be called First Name. Use a Rename step on F Name to call it First Name so that the column header matches in both tables.

3. Use a Stack Tables step to merge new data with old data.

Tick the checkbox to match up column headers by column names rather than order. For example, if Table 1 has First Name in column 3 and LinkedIn URL in column 12, and Table 2 has LinkedIn URL in column 3 and First Name in column 12, half of First Name would be merged with half of LinkedIn URL in both columns, creating a data mismatch. Ticking Stack Tables will stack data based on column header instead, removing this issue.

4. Use a De-Dupe step on the merged data, selecting a unique identifier as the column to De-Dupe by.

De-Dupe requires an exact match. For example, John Smith and John A Smith would leave two records, because the “A” causes it to be a unique record.

5. Use a Sheets Export step to send the merged data back to the master spreadsheet.

The effect is merging the old data with the new data, removing any potential duplicates, and sending the merged data back to the same spreadsheet you started with.