Send email replies to your CRM

1. Set up email sequences in Mailshake or Lemlist with 4-5 emails per sequence.

You can get contact emails from LinkedIn searches with Parvenu and verify the emails using Truemail. These sequences can be used to ask for: Meetings Free trials To share content Conversation starters Referral campaigns Follows on social media.

2. Create a new company in your CRM with Zapier when someone replies in Lemlist or Mailshake.

Make the trigger step in Zapier a new reply in your email software, and the first action in Zapier to create a new company in your CRM.

3. Create new contacts in your CRM as the next action in Zapier.

Link the company to the contact by mapping the website and ID fields. Alternatively, use deals in your CRM instead of contacts. A common data structure is to create everyone as a contact and when they indicate interest, such as replying, create a deal for the contact. One consideration for your data structure is your CRM’s price structure. The two most common price structures are per user (unlimited contacts) and based on the number of contacts in your CRM (unlimited users). If your CRM charges based on the number of contacts you have, you can minimize your monthly charges by keeping all your contacts in Mailshake or Lemlist and only creating contacts when someone replies. If your pricing is per user, the contact/deal data structure is less important, and you can do either.

4. Set up event tracking within Mailshake and Lemlist to track things like sends, open, replies, and unsubscribes.

Mailshake and Lemlist have native integrations with a handful of the most popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. If your CRM does not have a native integration with Mailshake / Lemlist, you can use Zapier to push data into your CRM: First make the trigger a new reply in Mailshake or Lemlist; Make the next step to search or create a company in your CRM; Make the final step to search or create a contact in your CRM, linking it to the company you created in your CRM.

5. Send a connection request on LinkedIn to people who reply to emails with Phantombuster.

One of the fields Parvenu gives is the LinkedIn profile of the contact. This lets you send a connection request to them on LinkedIn: Add a step in Zapier to create a new row in a Google Sheet for replies. Map the person’s name and LinkedIn profile to your Google Sheet and then use Phantombuster’s Network Booster to schedule it to send connection requests to contacts in that sheet. Since it runs on a schedule, as additional people reply to emails it will continue to send LinkedIn connection requests to each of them.