Sell to impulse buyers

1. Perform user testing to find any bottlenecks or points of frustration that make your site harder to use.

Ask your subjects to perform a broad and a specific task, have them go through checkout, and look for patterns in how people use the site for any bottlenecks or points of frustration. For example, if you sell clothes, ask your subjects to find a pair of pants they like, a pair of straight leg dark-washed blue jeans size 33×32, and add it to their cart.

2. Improve your internal site search to ensure users can easily find anything they’re looking for.

3. Use triggered on-site surveys to find issues on specific pages.

What information are people looking for that they can’t find? What fears and doubts do they have about the product?

4. Ensure your site loads quickly and works on all browsers and mobile devices.

Mobile is the perfect domain to optimize for impulse purchases—don’t neglect it. In fact, test mobile and desktop separately and create experiences conducive to the environments in which they occur.

5. Add guarantees, warranties, trust symbols, and free shipping to make your site reduce perceptions of risk.

The point is to make your site more credible and trustworthy to increase impulse buying behavior. You can do this by adding: Money-back guarantees Warranties Trust symbols, such as the BBB logo Ratings and reviews Free shipping offers Low-price guarantees.

6. Design category links that meet user expectations.

Look at data like your search logs to learn the descriptive words your customers use and incorporate them into your category names.

7. Implement a live chat tool like Intercom or ZenDesk to address customers’ objections in real time.

8. Offer conditional free shipping and run sales to trigger urgency.

9. Add engaging copy, striking images, fun branding, and interactive experiences to make your offer more entertaining.

For example, entertainment and engagement is at the heart of Chubbies Shorts’s marketing strategy. They use striking images, fun branding, and craft their copy to be both compelling and entertaining. Chubbies Shorts use striking images, fun branding, and craft their copy to be both compelling and entertaining.