Scrape a Facebook group

1. Choose the “Facebook Group Extractor” Phantom from Phantombuster

You can set up a trial account on Phantombuster.

2. Paste in the Facebook group URL or a Google sheet URL with multiple Facebook groups.

To scrape multiple Facebook groups: Add the target groups to a Google Sheet, in a single named column. Copy the URL for the spreadsheet. Paste the URL into Phantombuster and add the name of the column.

3. Install Phantombuster’s Chrome extension and follow their tutorial for adding your session cookie.

This is used instead of a username or password.

4. Follow Phantombuster’s tutorial for adding a proxy.

A proxy is required for Facebook automations. Attempting to run this automation without a password will result in you needing to change your Facebook password. Use a proxy service that has the closest major city to your location. Wonderproxy has locations all around the world, while Proxymesh has fewer locations but is cheaper if your location is available. If you’re in North Carolina and Phantombuster’s servers are in California, then Facebook can see you’re logged in from separate locations at the same time. A proxy makes Phantombuster’s servers also appear as if they are also in North Carolina and Facebook isn’t able to tell the difference between your account and Phantombuster. Do not use special characters in either the username or the password for the proxy. Phantombuster cannot read them. Letters and numbers only (do not use your email).

5. Launch your Phantom.

The maximum users you can extract from any Facebook group is 10,000. Facebook does not display more than this, so it is not possible to scrape what is not displayed. You can configure your automation to launch on a schedule if you are scraping multiple Facebook groups. This will spread the activity out across a period of time and help to avoid detection by Facebook.

6. Enrich contact data through other services to find additional information.

Phantombuster also has a LinkedIn URL finder and a Twitter URL finder automation. You can use the data extracted from the Facebook group as the starting point for these automations. For best results, use the Facebook Profile Scraper on the URLs extracted from the Facebook group, so you can also scrape their company name. This allows you to search by full name + company name instead of just full name. Take the results of Step 5 and put it in a Google Sheet, then use Phantombusters LinkedIn Profile Finder to get the LinkedIn profile URL. You can enrich the Full Name + Company to find emails using Parvenu. You can use the results of the previous step as the starting point for enriching the contacts.