Schedule your ads

1. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings to confirm that your account time zone is the same as or adjusted for the time zone of your audience. Your account time zone will be used for your ad schedule selections.

Adjust your schedule if you and your audience are in different time zones, using your account as a baseline.

2. Navigate to and select the campaign you'd like to set the schedule for.

Ad scheduling lives at the campaign level, so all ad groups within the campaign will follow the same schedule.

3. Create a new schedule for each campaign you'd like to add an ad schedule to.

You can copy and paste ad schedules across multiple campaigns in Google Ads Editor, but not through the interface. Google Support explains how to use the editor to copy ad schedules. If you don’t need to create an ad schedule, there’s nothing wrong with leaving your ads live 24/7. You may want to schedule ads to support your business operating hours, call center hours, or based on when performance is significantly different during certain days or times.

4. Within the campaign, click Ad schedule on the left navigation panel or expand the More section at the bottom of the list if you don't see it.

5. From the ad schedule page, click on the pencil icon or + EDIT AD SCHEDULE.

6. Select the days and times you want your ads to run, to switch your campaign from running 24/7.

If your goal is not to create a new schedule but to apply bid adjustments to specific days or times, you will need to re-build a 24/7 schedule that accommodates your adjustments. For instance, to adjust your bid on Wednesdays at 9am, you must first have an ad schedule segment for Wednesday at 9am.

7. Click Add to create more schedule segments, continue adding schedule segments as needed, and click Save when finished.

You can apply one schedule to the entire week, or up to 6 ad schedules per day.

8. Adjust the bids for the schedules you created by clicking the pencil icon next to the schedule, entering the percentage by which you want to increase or decrease your bid, and clicking Save.