Schedule posts on Social media

1. Create an account on a social media scheduling platform such as Buffer.

Buffer allows you to post on multiple social media platforms simultaneously and lets you schedule your posts in advance. We’ll use Buffer as a specific example for this playbook, but most platforms will offer similar functionality.

2. Choose the Manage Account option and add your social media credentials for each platform you want to connect.

Connect each social media account in turn. When the pop-up window opens, click OK to give the platform permission to post on your behalf. Otherwise, your account will only send notifications to post rather than posting automatically.

3. Go to Settings and click on Posting Schedule to create a custom posting time slot.

Click on Clear all Posting Times. Click on Add Posting Time, select Every day or the days you want to post on, and choose a time.  Repeat until your time slots are filled in.

4. Open a time slot and drag and drop individual images into their time slot.

Click Add to the queue and open a new time slot. First add the images to your Buffer account queue before filling in the text, hashtags, or any other information.

5. Write the text copy in a separate file or type it directly in the description box.

After adding the text into the description box, you can select emojis to use to make your text copy stand out.

6. Select the Location box and pick the exact location you want to tag in your post.

Be as specific as possible when tagging places on Instagram, as there are multiple locations that are not accurate.  Look for places with numerous check-ins to ensure the location is legitimate.

7. Select the Comments section and paste in your hashtags sets.

Adding your hashtags into the comments section will make your captions look better and will not fill in the text section more than required.

8. To use the post across multiple social platforms, select social media accounts at the top of the box.

9. Schedule an independent post that doesn't fit into your time slot by inserting the posting time manually.

Add the image, text, hashtags, and location,  and then select the time on the bottom of the posting square. Next to the Add to queue button, click on the drop-down arrow and select Schedule post > Edit and choose the exact time you want your post to be scheduled.

10. Use the Analytics section to inform changes about the hashtags used or your posting times.