Run an influencer campaign on Instagram

1. Gather information on the target audience that you are trying to reach on Instagram.

Include audience demographics, consumption patterns, likes and dislikes, andpopular social media trends. Put together a detailed target audience list as it helps find the right influencers and create relatable content.

2. Research influencers who operate in your niche and may be willing to market your product.

Look for influencers that talk about products and services or have previously marketed products. Analyze their followers to find out if they include a substantial amount of your target audience or not.

3. Shortlist and analyze which content goes viral or encourages conversion.

Make a list of the more popular content that influencers put out and look for patterns. Pay particular content to any examples of your competitors working with influencers. What worked and what didn’t about their approach?

4. Reach out to relevant influencers with a collaboration proposal, ensuring that you offer compensation and show that you understand their previous work.

When reaching out to influencers, consider their level of popularity in your proposal. For example, with niche influencers giving them early access to a product or free access may be enough to get them engaged. However, with more popular influencers a fee will likely be involved. Always offer something in return for an influencer’s involvement. Ask the influencer for their thoughts on how to best engage with their audience and how you might work together. Listen carefully to their suggestions as they know their audience well. Seek longer-term collaborations. Working on a project together with an influencer establishes a longer-term relationship with them that you can call upon again in the future. Also, look at your own follower list. Approach those with larger followings as they will be influencers in their own right.

5. Build a mutually beneficial relationship that improves the influencer's profile as well as your own.

For example, ask an influencer to shoot a how-to video or give their viewers insight into how they use your product. But also be sure to circulate that widely to promote the influencer as well.

6. Ask influencers that you're working with for a testimonial that you can add to the website.

7. Promote your collaboration with an influencer by using a mix of organic and paid marketing to increase your reach.

Use paid promotion for informational content such as customer testimonials, how-to and Q&A videos.

8. Keep searching for new influencers that are gaining popularity in your niche and reach out to them for collaboration.

9. Nurture your relationship with influencers over the long term.

Keep providing them value to ensure they continue mentioning you.

10. Set measurable objectives for the influencer marketing campaign, monitor the results, and make improvements to those that do not perform well.